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My name is Kathy Gildea and I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. My previous work experience includes 13 years as an elementary school counselor in two different school districts. I am also a certified mediator. I now have a psychotherapy practice in Bellevue, Washington. I offer supportive, non pathological counseling with an open mind, working towards the goal of assisting all involved with solving the problems presented.

I work individually with adults, teens,  kids, parents and families.  I counsel all age groups in the following areas:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Feelings Identification and Management
  • Parenting Skills
  • Parent/Child Relationships
  • Communication and Problem Solving
  • Managing natural and untimely Life Transitions

Choosing to seek counseling can feel rather daunting. It may lead to some commonly asked questions. The answers to these questions are not only important for you to have, but will assist you in making an informed choice as you begin counseling.

Part of the process of being human is working through the many transitions we experience in our lifetime. When this process becomes too difficult, you may feel depressed, anxious, confused or consistently angry. Counseling can help you get through these difficult times.

Children experience depression, anxiety, confusion and intense anger as well. They have difficulty identifying and expressing their feelings and more often communicate through their behavior. When you notice a consistent change in your child’s behavior, and you’ve been unable to have a positive impact, counseling can be helpful. It gives kids an opportunity to safely express feelings and concerns.

It can be difficult for people to share personal concerns, which can lead to feelings of vulnerability.  Not to worry, this is part of the process. I will support you and/or your child in the process of solving the problems with which you are struggling. I will check periodically to assess progress and ensure that you feel we are moving in the right direction. Our contact and the content of our discussions will remain confidential.  The only exception to confidentiality is the issue of safety.  If I am concerned about the safety of my client, I am obligated by law to report my concerns.

Studies have shown that counseling is most successful when the person seeking psychotherapy feels supported by and connected with the counselor.  In other words, it works when it’s the “right fit”. Clearly, finding the right counselor is a very important step! Because it’s so important, I am happy to offer a 20 minute phone consultation to determine whether I am the right person for you. So please call with questions!

1611 116th Ave NE, Ste 128
Bellevue WA, 98004
(425) 830-8168